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HELP US FIND OUR LOST CAT “Limpy” July 19, 2006

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Sent JUNE 3, 2006


Hi there!


We rescued a wonderful cat last April. He was homeless and had suffered multiple injuries, the worst of which was a broken front leg. After a month of daily feeding we were finally able to gain his trust and bring him into our home…shortly followed with medical treatment for his leg, an infection in his rear paw, as well as this and that.  Over the past month he gained weight and was near to full recovery by which point we were grateful to have found him a trusted home with a very loving couple.  (We’ve been rescuing cats over the last 4 years and have reached our limit within our household).  Unfortunately, during his trip to his new home he escaped from his carrier and jumped out of the car (which was fortunately stopped at the time). We are terribly worried `because he is shy, is not familiar with the area, and due to his leg has difficulty in defending himself.  Yet it is his bandaged leg which makes him stand out from other cats so we are hoping that if you, or someone from your organization were to hear something about a homeless cat (orange & white fur – about a year old) with a broken leg (his front left leg) who may have been picked up or spotted in the area near the intersection of Bathurst and Eglington, we would really appreciate it if someone might be able to contact us.  Our phone number is 416-929-1562 and our e-mail is veganbums@sympatico.ca .  We would be greatly thankful with any assistance to finding him so please feel free to post this email elsewhere and share it with other likeminded individuals.  We have also included this picture of him.


Our sincere thanks for taking the time to read our note and any help you may bring to our search.

Mark & Mirha-Soleil



Again – He was lost on Thursday, June 1, in the late afternoon at the North East corner of Eglington and Bathurst (he sprinted to a small, secluded natural area behind a plaza and a small 3 story tenant building).   Luck would have it; a woman regularly feeds a number of other homeless cats in the exact same area, so we do hope he may choose to stay in this area.  His bandage is white and was changed the night before so at least it’ll help protect his leg for at least the following week.



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